Sunday, November 14, 2010

China Glaze Haul

Hello! Sorry for my month long absence, I got sick and just didn't feel like anything. Blogging, makeup, etc. But I am back a ready to go! I've got some hauls lined up. The first one is all China Glaze from Here is what I got.

The first set, left to right is
Mahoganie, Cream Puff, Latte, Rose Tea and Victorian.
And here are the swatches.

Mahoganie looks the most odd in the bottle, it looks like pure glitter. But it works out as a nice brown/purple with lots of glitter. Cream Puff seems less pink in real life, but it does still have that light pink base. Latte is a neat nude color, a nice addition to my coloection since I don't own any nude nail polishes. Rose tea is a deep mauvey pink, and Victorian is a middle range pink.

Next up is Cords, Free Love, Crusin', Skate Night & Thunderbird.
Here are the swatches:

Cords is a great silver. Free Love is a deep orange, while Crusin' is a light orange. Skate Night is a wine-y red, and Thunderbird is a more pure deep red. Out of all of these, Thunderbird is the one my mother is trying to steal from me.

I like They sell discounted beauty items at reasonable prices. They do ship internationally, but it gets expensive, and I don't know how reasonable it would be to get discounted beauty items with the shipping charge, but that would be up to you. I really do like though. They ship quickly, and you can get some nice products there.

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. I am not being paid in anyway by any companies mentioned in this post. I like them all on my own.