Friday, October 1, 2010

September Favorites

Well, it is a new month and that means it is time for last months favorites! Yay!

1. Pucker Tendertone by MAC I know these are a cult favorite online, but I just hate dipping my finger in a container to get lip balm/gloss when I am on the go. Thus, I mostly use this at home. It gives a glossy finish, but is so moisturizing. Plus it smells delicious.

2. Michael Kors Rollerball I just love rollerball perfumes, they are so easy to use and great for the purse. The scent is a sweet floral,.

3. Jitterbug by China Glaze I love this nail polish! It is a steely silver, and looks wonderful. Perfect for fall and winter!

4. Strange Potion lipglass by MAC When I first got this, I wasn't that bowled over by it, but now that I have been wearing it, I just love it!

5. Watermelon lipglaze by Stila I really love the design of this product, the little brush helps with precise application, so I can put it on easily without a mirror and not worry that I look odd. While I do love the product, I have a hard time seeing buying more, because the price is a little too steep for me ($22 US).

6. Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Flat Blusher Brush This is such a fabulous brush. Soft and dense. It is $15 at Target, and worth every penny.

What have been your September favorites? Anything I should get my hands on? I definitely need more brushes, so any good brush recommendations would be appreciated! Thank you!


  1. Great favorites! I'm definitely lemming over Strange Potion lipglass, but I'm trying to hold off! If I stay away from the MAC counter/store, it will be ok! lol.

  2. yay! strange potion is so lovely isn't it? :D

  3. I love China Glaze nail polishes! I think I'm a little obsessed with them actually :P

  4. Linh: I love Strange Potion, it is just great for day to day wear.

    Christine: It is so fab!

    Makeup by Lu: I think I'm starting to like China Glaze more than OPI. I just wish I could find it as easily.