Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mini Ulta Haul

I stopped by my local Ulta yesterday with my Grandmother and accidentally found some new beauty products. I say accidentally because I am trying to save at the moment, but oh well. These are items I was planning on getting soon anyway. Least interesting first, I got the Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask. It smells just like mint toothpaste! I've only used the mask once, but it is lovely. I'll have to see how it works over time though.

I also got some items from Stila. I have been looking forward to getting the Stila travel palettes, but hadn't seen them anywhere locally, and didn't want to order them online in case the lip/cheek color melted in the mail. Lucky for me they had the U.S.A and Tokyo ones at my Ulta. Plus with my $20 Stila purchase, I got a free full sized lip glaze in water melon.

These are the eyeshadows in the "road to radiance
across the u.s.a." palette

snow bunny, valley girl, southern belle, city chick

These are the eyeshadows in the "trendsetting in tokyo" palette:

sake, kawai, shibuya, peace (left to right)

I have to say, the color payoff for the lighter shades is wonderful, but the darker shades seem to need more product for a dark color. Which is nice, since I tend to apply makeup with a heavy hand and want to avoid raccoon eyes. I love the watermelon lip glaze. It smells a bit like watermelon gum, and the color is a nice soft pink. I definitely want to try more Stila lip glazes, and I hope to get my hands on all the Stila travel palettes.

Have you tried the Stila travel palettes? What Stila lip glazes should I try next?


  1. awww the stila palettes are so cute! i own the stila it girl palette it was only $10 from sephora and i love it! xx

  2. @Christine, Ooo! I want to get that palette too. I'm hoping they'll have it when I get to go to a Sephora. Did you get it online or in store?

  3. I really want to get around to trying the lip glazes! I've heard such great things about the Mint Julep mask. I might just have to try it!

  4. Got some good colors there for shadows. And yay you got some shadows!

  5. @Wendy, You should try the lip glazes! I know Stila comes out with little gift packs from time to time which are reasonably priced. I'd like to get my hands on one of those too. ;)

    Mint Julep smells so yummy. If you do get it, let me know how you like it. I'd love to see how it works on different skin types.

  6. @Shopping Addict, lol, trust me, there will be more eyshadows in my future. I am really hoping to get my hands on the Urban Decay Naked palette soon. Plus with the MAC Venomous Villains collection, I want the Evil Queen and Cruella eyeshadows, along with most everything else.

  7. I was looking at some of Urban Decay's palettes earlier, I'd like to have some myself. I have taken a few looks at the MAC ones too, also lovely.

  8. @Shopping Addict, which ones are you looking at? I love window shopping online.

  9. For Urban Decay:
    The Black Palette
    Deluxe Shadow Box
    Sustainable Shadow Box

  10. Great haul! I'm actually collecting those Stila palettes!

    I haven't used the Mint Julep mask forever! It's too drying for me during the cold weather.

  11. Linh: I'm hoping to collect the palettes too. So far I have the USA, Tokyo and Paris ones. <3