Saturday, September 18, 2010

Urban Decay Pigments

Hello ladies! Long time no post. I went for a little mini-vacation, and now I am back to share some goodies with you. I actually ordered these Urban Decay pigments from hautelook a while ago, and only just got them in the mail.

These are the colors as they look in the tubes.
(left to right) Baked, Shag, X, Asphyxia, Graffiti, Shattered, Gunmetal.

And here are some swatches!
Top row is Baked, Shag, & X
Bottom row is Asphyxia, Graffiti, Shattered, & Gunmetal

A closer look at Baked, Shag and X.

And a closer look at Asphyxia, Graffiti, Shattered, & Gunmetal.

The Urban Decay pigments are 1.2grams, and comes with a brush in the lid. I don't think I like them enough to get them full priced ($20) but one sale at hautelook for $5? Well, I am there!

Do you have any Urban Decay pigments? How do you like them?


  1. I almost bought a bunch of those too but I didn't have funds at the time. What do you think of them? I like Baked, Shag, Asphyxia is pretty too.

  2. @Shopping Addict: I like them. I think the nude shades are more pigmented than the colorful ones. Baked and X are both wonderful. I really like Gunmetal, but it has a lot of fallout. If you have funds next time they are on sale, you should grab some. :)

  3. Gunmental looks nice too. I'll probably try and snag a few next time they go on sale. Although I should *ahem* stop shopping since I've spent too much money atm.

  4. i don't have any of the pigments but they seem pretty true to color to the regular eyeshadows which some i have of, in the naked palette!

    glad your back! i love reading your posts love x