Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Venomous Villains - Evil Queen

I am so excited! The Evil Queen from Snow White is my favorite Disney villain. I just love her, so this mini-collection was the most exciting to me. I got pretty much everything from this mini-collection, excluding the Penultimate Brow Marker. Anyway, lets get started!

All the goodies open.

Swatches, inside (left to right)
Bite of an Apple (blush), Oh So Fair (beauty powder), Hot House (lipglass), Strange Potion (lipglass), Sinister (lipstick - lustre), Toxic Tale (lipstick - satin), Vile Violet (eyeshadow - matte), Her Alter Image (eyeshadow - veluxe pearl), Vainglorious (eyeshadow - frost)

Swatches (outside)
Same lineup as the previous picture.
(only bottom to top)

Oh So Fair Beauty Powder, this is actually
a bit more pink in real life. A lovely blush,
great for fair skin, and buildable.

Bite of an Apple Blush, an amazing coral
blush. Quite opaque, but buildable if you
want bright coral cheeks.

Strange Potion & Hot House.
Hot House is the hands down winner for me.
So sparkly, so pretty. Strange Potion is
lovely as well.

Sinister & Toxic Tale. I think I may be one of
the few that loves lustres. They are completely
buildable, so it is difficult to go overboard on the
color. Toxic Tale is amazing, bright vivid coral.

Vainglorious, Her Alter Image, Vile Violet.
Her Alter Image has the best color payoff.

The standouts of this mini-collection to me are
♥ Hot House lipglass, such a bright sparkly purple fuchsia. This is a repromote, so if you have it already from the Strange Hybrid collection, then you could miss it. I think I want to get back-ups of this one though.
♥ Oh So Fair beauty powder, mostly for the Evil Queen compact. I just couldn't pass this item up. The the beauty powder itself will make a lovely blush.
♥ Bite of an Apple blush, a true coral blush. If you like coral, this is for you. (Along with Toxic Tale lipstick and Strange Potion lipglass.)

I do love the Evil Queen, so buying everything in her collection was easy for me. If you adore Cruella De Vil & Maleficent, expect all your money to fly out to those collections. I would also think the beauty powders will be quick to sell out, as ... well, who doesn't want an Villainous compact?

I'm happy to answer any questions about the Evil Queen items, and will get up Maleficent and Cruella De Vil up as fast as possible.


  1. i'm not getting any of the shadows from the collection but these swatches is really making me rethink things and i must add hot house to my pre-order it's GORGEOUS!

  2. Christine, I was a little iffy about getting shadows, as I really want the Naked palette by Urban Decay, but since I can't find it near me, I decided to be decadent. Hot House is so gorgeous. I'm hoping to be a back-up (or two) of that. <3

  3. Shopping Addict: Isn't it lovely!?

  4. OOH! Look at all those goodies!!
    I love that "Her Alter Image" eye shadow and "Hot House" lip glass! They are gorgeous for Fall! :D

  5. Makeup by Lu: I am so in love with Hot House. <3

  6. I was planning to get BoaA blush at the VV unveiling, but the line was too long, so I left... lol. Great haul!

  7. Linh: Oh man, I can imagine it could get bad. When I went to the unveiling, I missed a few items, so I ducked back in to get them. It took 20 minutes and it was only 5 transactions later on the same register. It was mad!

    I do like BoaA though. The packaging just kills me. Reminds of the Snow White ride at Disneyland.