Monday, August 16, 2010

Hello Flawless! - a review

This is my first review that was a request. Yay a request! This request is from Linh over at for the love of lipsticks, which is a lovely blog that you should definitely check out. Now, off to the review!

Hello Flawless! Benefit's tag line for Hello Flawless is that it "glides on naturally sheer and layers beautifully for customized coverage with SPF protection". Now, since I am new to makeup, especially in the realm of foundations, I am a little cautious of using something that is medium to full coverage. I just don't think I quite know what I am doing well enough to dive into full coverage. Plus, do to department store make-overs, I associate full coverage with caked on foundation. A sheer yet buildable coverage foundation sounded like a great idea to me!

Hello Flawless, at first, underwhelmed me. I had seen such good reviews for this product, that it is possible I had built up my expectations too much. This product looks good sheer, and the coverage, when used with a sponge is fairly good. It is my no means a strong concealer, but it will do in a pinch. I have fairly dark circle under my eyes, and this does not completely erase them, instead it just makes me look a little more awake.

Hello Flawless comes with a little sponge, which is great for the buildable coverage, and a little brush, which is crap. I use the sponge for the areas I need more coverage in, and a kabuki for sheerer coverage. I do like to set this product with my MAC Fix +, as it is a powder. This is a good product to use if you have good skin, and want a light coverage foundation.

This product is certainly not a holy grail product for me. If you don't get dark under-eye circles, this product will be lovely for you. I have oily skin, and this did not break me out. Granted, I don't use foundation everyday, so it is hard for me to say how this would do if you used this everyday. Would I repurchase? I'm not entirely certain. I do like a sheer coverage look, it just improves my look without look drastic. But there are too many foundations I want to try for me to tie my loyalty to this product.

I tried this at work on one of my early mornings. Sorry for the un-interesting makeup, six in the morning is not my most creative time, makeup wise. :)

After 12 hours of wear, with no touch-ups. (Sorry for the lack of lipstick, I forgot to touch up that too.)

Considering I took the first pictures at 6 AM, and the second set at 6 PM, I think Hello Flawless held up pretty well, especially for "sheer" coverage.

Disclaimer - I bought this product myself. This is my honest opinion.


  1. Thanks for doing this review!!! And you're right... it does look like it held up really well!

  2. Linh, It is a nice product for quick application and running out the door. Kind of an all in one. And thank you for the request!