Tuesday, August 3, 2010

CCO Haul, part 1

Hello Ladies! It feels so weird that it is August already. Where did the year go?

Anyway, recently I went down to San Diego, and checked out the Las Americas Outlet Center. It was amazing. There were outlet stores that I had never seen before, including Disney, Lane Bryant and Old Navy. Who knew? But for me, I get excited about shopping at CCO, or the Cosmetic Company Outlet. I picked up some lipsticks, some lip-glosses, and some Mineralized Skinfinishes. Generally at a CCO I go straight to the MAC display. I check out the other brands, Estee Lauder, Clinique and Bobbi Brown, but I rarely find anything I want at those displays.

Since I grabbed so much MAC, I figured I would split up the posts into MSFs, lipsticks, and lip-glosses. Todays' post will be dedicated to MSFs. I got three while in San Diego, Refined, Cheeky Bronze, and Porcelain Pink.

Refined is on the top, Cheeky Bronze Bottom left, and Porcelain Pink bottom right.

Cheeky Bronze is a lovely peachy bronze. Probably the most wearable bronze I've been able to find. I think this would look beautiful on darker skin tones.

Porcelain Pink is a really light pink. It works well on my light skin as a lovely blush. It gives just a little glow, nothing too strong or overpowering.

Refined is the MSF I am most excited for. Look at all that veining! This gives my skin just a beautiful glow. For me Refined will be the most multi-purpose. It can be worn as a highlighter or a blush and is lovely on the skin. Out of all three, if I had the chance to re-purchase them, I would definitely buy Refined.

Here are some swatches!

What MSFs do you own? Which one is your favorite?


  1. lovely~ i wish there was a cco in canada. i must check one out next time i'm in the states. i only have a few msfs since i started getting into them. i have stereo rose, petticoat and by candlelight and am loving stereo rose atm :D xx

  2. @christine: You must check out the magic of CCO. I think they are one reason I love MAC, the first couple of items I got from MAC were CCO purchases. You are lucky to have a Lush near you!

    I'm just starting to get into the MSFs too. I definitely want petticoat, and by candlelight looks lovely!

  3. Porcelain Pink and Refined are definitely my most-used MSFs. :) Refined is so amazing! Amazing choices!

  4. @Wendy: Refined is just beautiful, I can see it becoming a fast favorite.