Tuesday, August 24, 2010

MAC X Disney Venomous Villains

I don't know about you, but I am so excited for this collection! A friend told me about it, via the coco perez website, and I just about flipped. I really enjoy MAC, but I love Disney. And you have to admit, the Villains are more fun! At the moment I am busy trying to save every penny so I can go hog wild when this collection comes out. I feel even more lucky because the MAC Pro that is out here will be having a preview party. Joy!!

The Cruella lip colors all look lovely, and I am thinking I must grab the eyeshadows too.

The Evil Queen is my favorite Disney Villain. I am so happy that she is a part of this collection. Out of all the mini-collections in this one mega-collection, the Evil Queen is the one I want just about everything in.

The Maleficent nail lacquers look simply amazing. I do want to try out the lip products though.

The Dr. Facilier is probably the collection I am least interested in, although the melon pigment looks lovely. I'll probably take a closer look at the Magically Cool Liquid Powders, but I don't know if I'll really want them.

If you want to see more info, do check out Temtalia, all the collection info is here. (All pictures in this post belong to Temptalia.)

Are you looking forward to the Venomous Villains collection? Which items do you think look the most promising? Which items do you think you'll pick up?


  1. I am excited about it! Melon pigment is great and definitely one of my favorites, but it is permanent. So at least you don't have to get it with this collection!:) It's worth the price, though!

    Being a Disney freak, I'm beyond excited. I was hoping the package would be a little different. I really wish instead of Dr. Facilier, that they had done Ursula. Oh well! For me, my only problem is that several things are similar to what I already own. Maybe this is a good thing and will save me a little money! :)

    I'm looking at: Vainglorious eyeshadow, Oh So Fair beauty powder, Strange Potion lipglass, and Briar Rose beauty powder. Can't wait!

  2. Wendy! Good thinking! I wasn't even thinking of not getting the permanent items, I was just thinking of getting everything and running.

    I'm a Disney freak too. I'm going to Disneyland the week before the preview party, so I am in a tight money-wise now. Oh well, I'm happy to save when I've got lovely purchases ahead of me. I would have liked to see Ursula too. Oh well, if they had gone with Ursula, I would want everything from the collection.

    This collection has me so excited!

  3. ooh i love mAC disney. Had done a post about em some time back as well. Im a new ollower. Please follow back :)

  4. @Mehak, Thank you for following! I'll follow you too. Which Venomous Villains items are you lusting after?